Salem, MO

For many years I was experiencing a lot of muscular aches and pains which were far more than normal, even minor physical activity would leave me with pain and often I’d be unable to do anything for days afterwards.    The pamphlet talked about how the oxygen therapy could help with pain as well as other symptoms that I often experienced and so I made an appointment and went in for a treatment as well as the IV vitamin therapy and with the first treatment I was amazed at how much better I felt afterwards.   I continued those treatments for the next several months and felt like I was given such a gift of enjoyment back in my life.   To this day I still go in for the occasional treatments.

This past August my husband once again went in to get his annual drug testing for his employment and there lying upon the end table beside the chairs was a pamphlet that spoke to me.     Fatigue was becoming a constant companion in my life and I had recently learned that I had an iodine deficiency, was taking an iodine supplement and that was helping but not as much as I’d like – well there was Dr. Robert Kessinger’s pamphlet on the thyroid and fatigue, so I made an appointment and started on this latest journey to a better life.   Got tested for not only hypothyroidism but also food sensitivities and a couple weeks later found that a lot of the foods that I had always eaten as they are healthy foods were not working that way for me.    I have had to cut out chicken, asparagus, spinach, cheese & milk just to name a few out of a list of almost 30 foods that I tested sensitive to.   Everyone asks me how I can manage to eliminate so many common foods from my diet – I do not concentrate on what I can’t have but rather what I can.   Have eliminated gluten due to the hypothyroidism and learning to cook that way is a challenge but I’m enjoying the experimenting with this new way to cook.   The changes in my health have been fantastic – in 5 months I’ve lost close to 30 pounds and my physical strength and stamina have improved more than I could have imagined.   As I’ve told my friends and family the improvements have occurred so rapidly that it seems unreal, except the reality of it is obvious.   There are not enough words to say how thankful I am for the wonderful doctors and staff at Kessinger Diagnostic Center – they are the greatest.


St. James, MO

Began two times per day, five days per week hyperbaric oxygen therapy, supplements, and intravenous treatments at Kessinger’s Clinic two months after stroke while still unable to use or feel the left side of my body.  The staff was superb in using the Hoyer lift to place me into the chamber.  Within two months of treatments, I began using a walker.  The brain/body connection was incredibly restored on a daily basis, a few inches at a time like magic.  The physical therapist had never seen anything like it in her career of working with stroke patients.  My only mistake was not continuing the recommended protocol throughout this past year.


St. James, MO

Intravenous treatment given reduced the fever from 104 degrees to 99 degrees by the time I left the clinic.  Blood samples were taken the same morning at their clinic and the reports later revealed dangerously low white blood cell count as well as numerous other blood abnormalities.  Over the course of the next two months using the recommended IV’s and supplements, Kessinger’s Clinic returned all my blood counts back to a totally normal condition.

Mark Renaud

Southern, MO

Would you recommend Kessinger Diagnostic Center to your friends and family. I would, and have, recommended Dr. Robert Kessinger to everyone we meet.

What did you visit our clinic for? (Brief note please, Arthritis, Fatigue, Pain etc.) We originally visited with Dr. Robert Kessinger with neck related problems with my wife Karla and daughter Moriah Rose. I have also personally been treated and helped by Dr. Kessinger.

How did you find out about us? (Radio, Friend, etc.) Friends told us about Dr. Robert Kessinger.

How long were you ill? My wife had major neck pain and other complications for over 1 1/2 years. My daughter had neck problems and health problems for two years. Dr. Kessinger has also educated me in a number of areas to help me with my health

How do you feel now? After the first adjustment my wife was free of pain. My daughter began her road back to health on the same day.

As a family we have been very much helped by Dr. Kessinger.  His expertise, bedside manner, professionalism, and care are phenomenal! He is an awesome doctor and educator for his patience.
I highly recommend the Kessinger Diagnostic Center if you
are serious about getting to the root causes of your health

Sincerely, Mark Renaud


Rolla, MO

Hi everyone,
I actually work at Kessingers Clinic, but I am one of their success stories. I was treated for many years unsuccessfully (by traditional medicine)… for fatigue and pain, and had received many diagnosis which were all inconclusive and vague. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia etc… Many of you probably have had the same experience. Nothing helped and I was tired of getting more and more drugs with no results.

I found natural health care on my own, which is what lead me here. Even though I was helping myself and feeling somewhat better with my own research, after finding the Kessinger Clinic my life has been changed in unimaginable ways.

I can now run, and exercise and be a part of my family’s lives again. I love life and have even decided to follow a career in natural health care because of my transformation.

I would recommend Kessinger Diagnostic Centre to anyone who doesn’t feel like they are getting 110% out of their lives. I have seen many miracles since I came here, and they happen every day! Come see us and be a success story like me and many others!

Annette Copeland, ND


Rolla, MO

Since 1996 I have suffered with arthritis in my knees, ankles, elbows and hands. The flare-ups would last for 4 to 6 weeks and were so painful I could barely function. I could not sleep at night and being a heavy equipment operator, work was beyond excruciating. I finally had to do something because I just couldn’t live like that anymore.

I have been to other doctors, one said it was “wear & tear” arthritis and all it would do was get worse. I was lying in bed trying to rest and asked God to help me find something to help me. Just then Dr. Rob and Dr. Jay came on the radio, and the subject was inflammation and arthritis pain. There was my answer, so I called and got an appointment for the next day.

Dr. Rob ran a full blood profile and food sensitivity test. I was severely allergic to foods I was eating every day. Since then I avoid those foods, take the nutrition prescribed and feel better every day. My blood pressure is perfect now and I have lost 26 pounds. I feel better every week and can’t thank Dr. Rob enough. Things were making me sick that I couldn’t have imagined and with neck adjustments along with nutrition and diet I feel so much better.



Rolla, MO

For the past ten years I have sought treatment for conditions that seem to worsen with time.  I continued to experience lethargy, weight gain, hot flashes and problems sleeping.

Since receiving care in the Kessinger Clinic, I have noticed great improvement with all my conditions.   I now experience improved strength, lots of energy and much better sleeping.  I no longer have hot flashes and  my weight loss is noticeable. I have less soreness  and am able to enjoy my healthy life.

I believe that the natural approach that Dr. Kessinger takes is so  much better than convent-ional physicians. It is much safer, more natural and gives a long term result.

Thank you Kessinger Clinic,



Rolla, MO

For the past six years I have suffered with arthritis pain.  Also, I have been unable to sleep at night.

Since receiving care in the Kessinger Clinic, I have lots of energy  and no arthritis pain at all!

I have been losing unwanted pounds and feel better all over.

I have been able to sleep again too.

Thank You!



Rolla, MO

I had been feeling low on energy for about a year.  I was getting weaker as each month passed until I finally had pain 24/7.  My regular doctor visits were not helpful. The only solution they had were more medications!

Since being under the care of Dr. Rob Kessinger, my overall general health has improved.  I have no more pain in the liver/ gall bladder area.  I am full of energy all day long.  I can garden all day and wake up the next morning, ready to go again.  My hair on my head is re-growing and shiny.  I couldn’t lose weight and now I am.

I am grateful to take all the supplements Dr. Rob has me on.  I know he has me on the right ones because my health improves daily/ weekly.

I am looking forward to traveling a lot. Life from 60 on is going to be wonderful!