Paternity Testing

Paternity testing through Kessinger Diagnostic Centre is court recognized and processed through a professional laboratory. We guarantee 100% accuracy and court admissible reliable results – 99.99 percent probability or 100% exclusion! Results are available in 7-10 days, in most situations. A basic test is $350. We do offer a military discount.

Mother, child and alleged father are typically tested to determine paternity, but in some cases the mother is not available. In this case the test may take a day or two longer to process, because the mothers DNA can not be singled out. Accuracy is still guaranteed in this situation, it just takes a little longer to separate the DNA.

Family members who live in different cities may also have DNA Paternity testing completed through our large network of collection providers.

We assist military families who are required to establish paternity, and also with parents who are court ordered to prove paternity. Our paternity tests are court recognized, and each of them is accompanied by a chain of custody.

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